Assisted kayak emptying

In case have you fallen from the kayak and wanted to climb back, it is better to clear most of the water out of the cockpit. It will be difficult to keep balance if the kayak is having water inside. And it will take a lot of time to clear the water out of the kayak with a pump and bailer.

At the moment, we are going to learn to vacant the kayak with the help of the fellow paddler. Take note that this method is appropriate only for the kayaks which have the waterproof section and floats on both ends.

Chiefly, be additional cautious not to capsize your friend if both are in the water, then it will be very difficult to get out of it. It is good that the helper takes care of collecting both the paddles until the rescuer is safely in his kayak.

Hold your capsize kayak upside down and give your kayak’s bow to your friend to help him to raise it on his deck. You can offer assistance your companion either by raising the bow up or by pushing the strict down. In case the kayak is still overweight, you may turn the kayak on its facet so that it is less difficult to drag it on the deck.

After the kayak’s bow has been dragged to the deck, you ought to maintain the kayak in upside down position in order to take the water from the cockpit. m Your friend also can carry the kayak up in the air to enhance the operation.

After vacating water from the kayak, your friend can turn the kayak back upright and you can get back into the kayak by using heel hook method that is explained in tutorial Assisted re-entry.


In case the kayak is overweight with the water and lifting is not possible, you must climb back in the kayak and have to use the pump and bailer while your friend controls the kayak together.

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