Emptying kayak by self

Generally, a capsized kayak may be emptied nicely without any help. But compared to emptying kayak with an assisting kayaker, you may like to have extra power and a proper paddle float. Keep in mind that for a solitary paddler, a paddle float is a necessary thing to have.

Make sure that there is no little amount of water inside the cockpit because a little amount of flowing water can make it complex to keep balance in the kayak. After cleared most of the water get into the kayak, you can clear leftover water by using a bailer or cup or a pump. Take note that this method is appropriate only for the kayaks which have the waterproof section and floats on both ends.

To clear leftover water in the kayak, you must turn the kayak upside down and lift the bow up so that the water will flow out.

Attach the paddle float into the paddle and inflate it. Then keep the bow of your kayak upon the strong shoulder and on the other shoulder place the paddle.


Rapidly take the kayak up in the air by hold the bow and the paddle. Drag the paddle down at the same time to avoid you from getting under the surface. You can use your feet to kick yourself up.

You can capsize the kayak upright when you sense that the kayak starts to come down. You have to repeat the operation again if the kayak is having a lot of water inside.

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