Entering into a kayak from a port

Entering into and out of the kayak is simple, if you know the hits. Likely the great location to do it is from a low port. However, before you hop in don’t forget to check your tools.

  • To begin with ensure that you are wearing the life vest which is perfectly fitted. In case you are using a spray skirt, it could be a great thought to fold it up so that you will not sit over it by mistake when entering the kayak. Take into account to place the paddle so that you will reach it without any difficulty
  • Remember that while you move your weight over the kayak, it should be precisely at the center line, or else the kayak will trip. To begin, take a firm hook from the back of the cockpit coamimg and take a look at that your feet are at moreover close the center line.
  • Carry yourself up at the same time as retaining your weight in particular on your hands and shift your bottom inside the cockpit.

Getting out of the kayak is performed in the same way, but in opposite order.


If you are using the spray skirt, the most straightforward way to connect it is by beginning from behind and shifting towards simultaneously on each side.

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