Forward and back sweep strokes

It may look easy to turn the kayak; you just have to paddle harder on the other side. However, that method usually increases the overall speed and makes the kayak to move very little. We have to adjust our forward paddling stroke a bit, which is called forward sweep.

It may be a great method to be your number one guidance stroke since it does not slow you down and make it simple to keep up your paddling rhythm.

  • Forward sweep stroke can be executed either when the kayak is moving or standing still.

To begin with, take a standard forward paddling grip from the paddle. Put the blade into the water as forward as you could easily attain and hold the power face of the blade pointed away from the kayak. Maintain the alternative hand pretty low.

  • Begin doing a huge arc that begins near to the bow and ends close the stern. Do the stroke by pivoting your torso and attempt to keep your pose as still as possible.

At the starting of the stroke, the kayak’s bow is driven far from the paddle, and on the end the stern is pulled in the direction of the paddle, making the kayak flip to the other side of the stroke.


Sometimes a small alteration to the kayak’s route is wanted and at that point, you will able to do a stroke that is something in among the sweep stroke and forward paddling stroke.

  • You can use the forward sweep stroke as reverse sweep stroke to make the kayak turn quickly on its place. It’s just a forward sweep done in reverse form, beginning from the back and finishing near to your toes.

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