Maintain balance

Kayaks are made a contract so that they move smoothly in the water. This implies that it is a necessity to actively maintain the balance. Luckily the procedure is simple and more often than not comes actually.

  • To remain in balance, you have to maintain your upper body upright. Simply loosen up your stomach and lower back and allow the kayak to tilt freely when the waves thrust it. Retaining your eyes on the horizon may even help to maintain the balance.  Don’t grasp on the kayak, it may tip you over instead of donating you any extra bolster.
  • In case you lose balance and want to get support from somewhere, just rapidly slap the surface of the water with the back face of your paddle blade. This method will offer a fairly right reinforce for a moment, so you also need to get better your stability instantly.

This and some other techniques to get support from the water surface are described in detail later on the Braces and eskimo roll section.

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