Paddle like stern rubber

There are many techniques to create the kayak visit to the desired route. The least demanding technique is a built in rubber that is managed with foot pedals. But you ought to learn to live to tell the tale also without such an extravagance kit.

In this area, we are going learn to utilize the paddle as a strict rubber. It may be a fast and effective way to keep the route or change it fast. Strict rubber or strict draw is particularly usable when the wind, waves or water attempt to overwhelm control.

Still, you ought to not consider the stern rubber as your essential strategy for a pleasant turning; because the downsides are slowed you down and smash your paddling beat.

To find out how stern rubber is performed, you want to allow the kayak moving. So for starting, paddle ahead till you pick up a great speed.

After an ordinary forward stroke, let the paddle remain in the water and proceed the stroke behind you until the paddle is nearly parallel to the kayak.

If you retain the upper edge of the blade lean away from the kayak, the kayak will turn to the side where the paddle is. Maintaining the blade in approximately vertical angle will make the kayak cross straight and tilting the blade’s top edge toward the kayak, will make the kayak flip to the other part.


  • Whereas controlling the kayak may be the essential reason for utilizing the strict rudder, it is very simple to convert for other cause also.
  • Lay the blade in a horizontal angle when the kayak is going ahead and you can use the strict rudder for getting bolster for a while. That is useful as an instance if you need to gaze beyond.
  • Then operate the paddle for decrease the speed, preserve the blade horizontal and push it down beneath the water.

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